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If you’re thinking, “How could anyone give their baby away?” you might not have an accurate idea of how adoption really works.

Love....Most people who choose adoption do so completely out of love. Women have chosen adoption because:

  • They simply were not ready or in a position to be a mom yet.
  • They wanted a safe and stable life for their child.
  • They wanted to give their child the opportunity to have a successful life and a solid future.
  • They could not afford another child.
  • They were still in school.
  • They wanted to pursue earlier goals or plans.
  • The child was conceived in rape or incest.
  • They did not have support from the father of the baby.
  • They did not want to have a long-term relationship with the father of the baby.
  • They wanted the child to have a two-parent family.
  • They wanted their pregnancy to end with giving life.
  • They wanted to have continued contact with the child and know how he or she is developing and growing.
  • If you too are experiencing any of these same concerns, adoption may be the most positive decision for you and your baby.

    The truth is, not everyone is ready to be a parent when they become pregnant.

    As you decide what is best for you and your baby, you may be asking some of these questions:

    Can I love my baby and still consider adoption?

    Absolutely! Loving your baby involves choosing what is best for him or her, whether it is parenting or adoption.

    How could I carry a baby for nine months and then "give it away?"

    If you’ve asked this question, it indicates that you may have already bonded with the life inside of you, which is a very natural thing to do. Adoption is not “giving away” your baby, as if you don’t care. Instead, you would be making an adoption plan to provide the best life possible for your baby, and that decision would be based on love and responsibility.

    Don’t adopted children grow up to have psychological problems?

    Many studies have shown that no difference exists between adopted and non-adopted children in terms of adjustment, self-esteem, delinquency and mental health. These children are as deeply attached to their adoptive parents as their siblings who are not adopted, and are loved just as deeply by their adoptive parents.

    Could I ever be happy if I placed my baby for adoption?

    Any option that you choose can be emotionally difficult. However, studies show that women who place their babies for adoption are more likely to continue their education, be employed, and have a higher household income. They are less likely to have another out-of-wedlock pregnancy. These women report a greater overall satisfaction with their life, including their work, finances, and relationships with their partners.

    Children don’t really need fathers, do they?

    Dads do make a difference! Studies show that dads have a big role in the life of a child. Have more questions? We encourage you to come to the Midlands Women's Center to discuss your options with us. We can connect you with adoption agencies, if that is your desire.

    You don’t have to make this decision alone. We’re here to help.

    If your pregnancy test is positive, you have a decision to make. Get the facts before you decide. We can talk through your options in a safe, confidential environment.

    Call us to schedule an appointment.

    Did you Know? More than 120,000 women choose adoption for their babies each year.