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Church Partnership

The church is the hands and feet of Christ. How can your church partner with us to be love in our community?

  • Pray fervently for the ministry of Midlands Women's Center and the clients who come through our door.
  • Provide a church liaison for communication between MWC and your church.
  • Promote our fundraisers through your announcements and in your own newsletter, bulletin, etc. Currently we hold two major fundraisers each year.
  • Encourage church members or groups to volunteer.
  • Hold a fundraising campaign for the center. Aside from our two major fundraisers, we absolutely welcome any fundraising effort from the community.
        Want to hold a bake sale, a car wash, or a silent auction and donate the proceeds to Midlands Women's Center? Absolutely! And thank you!
  • Hold donation drives for baby items. Contact the Center for current needs.
  • Consider regular financial contributions.
  • Welcome clients into your church for discipleship and mentoring.
  • If you desire, we can come to your church and share about the ministry of Midlands Women's Center.

    Please contact us today and become a church partner.