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Confidential Counseling

Confidential Counseling

Midlands Women’s Center offers free confidential counseling to women concerned about the possibility of being pregnant or facing an unplanned pregnancy. You need accurate answers. You need compassionate, non-judgmental help. You need to know your visit will be confidential. You need to know your options.

We recognize that women have a right to make their own decisions about the outcome of their pregnancy and their sexual health. We are here to help women and their partners make informed and healthy decisions.

All information shared by you during your relationship as a client with the center and its representatives will be kept in the strictest confidence except as required by law or as required for the protection of yourself or others.

Compassionate. Non-judgmental. Confidential.

Your confidentiality is always maintained, with the following exceptions: information that indicates a risk of harm to self or others, information concerning abuse, and information that by law that must be reported. We will not share information about your services at our center unless we have your written permission to do so. If you expect someone to come in looking for you (friend, family member, baby's dad, your ride home) you MUST inform our staff. Unless we have been told that you expect a guest, we will not disclose your presence to anyone that comes in.

Contact us today to speak to someone and learn more about your options.